This comm's been so quiet of late that I thought I'd step out of hiding and contribute :) Just a funny little piece, where you'll need to read between the lines...

[Title] A Talkative Seduction
[Author] [ profile] luciusmistress
[Pairing/s] LM/SS
[Rating] soft NC-17

[Summary] Lucius seduces a not-so-very-reluctant Severus…
[Warnings] hint of dub-con
[Disclaimer] The boys are not mine :( They belong to JKR and various corporations (and to each other, at least in my dreams :) ) I make no profit and mean no harm.
I just HAD to write some conversation-based smut, just to prove I could :)

A Talkative Seduction

-What do you want? Wait, I don’t think I even want to know. Just go back to your fan club, ok?

-Aren’t we in a mood today? By the way, that scowl does not make you look intimidating, just makes you look silly. This is way more intimidating.

-Get away from me! What’s this, am I the only Slytherin you haven’t buggered yet?

-Oh, I’ve buggered, as you so eloquently put it, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs too. Even some Gryffindors.

-Like that’s an achievement. Black couldn’t keep his pants on if his life depended on it. And stop looking at me like that!

-Like what? It was you who brought up the sex. Maybe I’d just forgotten the password and came to ask you– . Oh, for heaven’s sake, do stop trying to lift your eyebrow at me. I invented the gesture, remember?

-Well, the password’s Wolfsbane. Anything else?

-You really get distressed with me standing this close. And it’s you who seems to think everything I do has to do with sex… Hmm…

-Let –

-You look quite cute when you blush. Maybe I’m going to have to shag you after all.

-I have no interest in being the latest one in your long line of conquests. I have no interest in YOU, how hard is that to understand!

- …

-And that eyebrow-thing doesn’t work on me, either. Especially since half the school is copying it already.

-Including you. By the way, that’s just a broom cupboard behind you. A rather spacious one, now I come to think of it…

-Step back or I’ll bite.

-Hmm… Where exactly, I wonder.



-That was low, even for you!

-You seemed quite happy to kiss me back, nevertheless. Oh, don’t bother going for your wand. I … confiscated it while you were distracted.

-Let me out! I’ll scream!

-Oh no, you won’t. Not yet. Colloportus!

-What do you mean, yet? Oh…

-Blushing really suits you so much better than scowling. This is absolutely delightful.

-Get your hands off me! I’ll scream for help! I swear I will!

-Go right ahead.


-See, I told you so. You’re just making up excuses to get me to kiss you again.


-Ow. For that, I think I’ll make you beg me to fuck you.

-I’ll NEVER EVER… Oomph.

-Don’t be such a Gryffindor about it. You’re rock hard already. Without me touching you anywhere near–


-You like it when I do this. Shall I bite the other one, too?

-N-no… ohhh…

-Not very convincing. Especially when you’re arching towards me, not away from me.


-Don’t what? Continue? Or stop?

-Unh huh…

-Knew it was the last one. You just can’t stop watching me kneel before you, can you?


-Oh no, I won’t do that just yet. Does my hair tickle you?


-Begging already? Lovely. How about if I do this?

-Just DO it already!

-Do what? I thought it was “don’t” only a while ago.


-Oh, I won’t make this THAT easy for you. You bit me first, remember?

-I’m sorry… please…

-No, you don’t. You’ll come with my cock buried so deep in your arse you’ll worry if it comes out from your mouth.


-You’re right, mind wondering there a moment. Accio lubricant!

-You… ACTUALLY… carry… LUBE… in your school bag?

-You should be very grateful that I do. Even this would really hurt you if my fingers were dry.


-Except for that last bit. You didn’t even know, did you?


-Ah, virgins. I just LOVE them.


-Back to begging? So predictable. If you want me to fuck you, you’ll have to say so.


-And don’t look at me like that. You knew perfectly well I’m not going to be nice about this.


-All you had to do was ask nicely. That better?


-Did I hurt you? Whoops, my mistake. I think I’ll do it again.


-You feel quite exquisite. Rather impressive vocals, too.

-You… bastard… ohh…

-You were… even easier than I thought. No, stop trying to touch yourself, or I won’t let you come at all.


-If you touch that cock of yours one more time, I’ll never do this to you again.


-Knew that would work.

-Lucius… I…

-Oh, all right. I’ll be merciful, just this once. Since it’s your first time.


-ohhh… Now look what you’ve done. My hand’s all sticky.


-Lick it clean.


-I meant my hand, actually. But I like the way you think.

-You… did you really mean…

-That I would like to do this again? Maybe. If you ask nicely.

-I will NOT…

-Ah, more fun for me. Probably not for you, though. Scourgify!

-Can I have my wand back now, please?

-Why, it’s still in your pocket. You didn’t even look.


-Alohomora! See you later, Snape.
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